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    Deploy a webapp without using war or ear

    Mario Newbie

      is it possible to deploy a webapp without using war or ear ?
      For example if i have a webapp in /home/xxx/myapplication/ can i get it running without produce war or ear in development stage ?

      In Tomcat 5.5.9 i do this :

      <context path="/myapp" docBase="/home/xxx/myapplication/"/>

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          kevinstembridge Newbie

          Just a suggestion for you if you're using Eclipse and don't mind spending $30. I use MyEclipse, which is a commercial extension to Eclipse and I'm pretty impressed with it. Have a look at http://myeclipseide.com.

          Once you've set it up it enables you to deploy to JBoss (and heaps of other app servers) with 3 mouse clicks. Then once your project is deployed, any changes you make to your JSPs will be automatically updated and visible the next time you reload the JSP in the browser. It also has the ability to update Java classes as soon as you save changes, but this doesn't work with JBoss. Probably something to do with JBoss' classloading architecture. Works fine with Tomcat though.

          Saves me heaps of time when I'm making incremental changes to JSPs and classes.

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            Poyan Gerami Novice

            you can specify in jboss-service.xml url that deploymentscanner check in. on default it only check in deploy catalouge in the jboss that have bean booted. but the name of the catalouge your application is in most have a extension that are sar,war,ear,jar. in your case myapplication.war
            / Poyan