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    is it possible to set the jsessionid manually?

    p s Newbie

      i have a struts web app that is used by another web-based application (not java) which calls the struts web app in a framed html page. the non-java web app has it's own session tracking mechanism and can pass its own sessionid to the struts web app.

      when the struts web app renders in the frame, jboss sets the jsessionid accordingly. however, if the user logs out of the non-java app, jboss does not kill it's session, since the jsessionid cookie is still there until the user closes his browser.

      is it possible to manually set the jsessionid cookie (in my struts web app) that jboss uses to control object caching on its session?

      i'm using jaas to validate the sessionid value that is passed from the non-java app to the struts web app; and i'd like to set the jsessionid cookie to the non-java app's sessionid. i can create a new cookie with the same name as the jsessionid cookie, but which one would jboss use if there are two? i'd rather not have two. i'd rather just have one and be able to set it manually and have jboss use it as normal.

      anyone know if that's possible?