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    Error deploying two webapps containing the same EJB

    Frank LaRosa Newbie


      I have two separate webapps that use the same EJB. The EJB jar file is packaged and deployed with each app as part of its EAR.

      If I deploy the applications separately to different servers they work fine, but if I try to deploy them to the same server I get an exception:

      org.jboss.deployment.DeploymentException: Trying to install an already registered mbean

      I am suprised by this because I was under the impression that everything associated with an EAR is supposed to be isolated from other EARs, even as far as using different classloaders.

      I realize that I could deploy the EJB separately from the two applications but this is not what I'd prefer. The applications are otherwise unrelated to one another and I want them to be self-contained so that someone else can decide where to deploy them without worrying about an external dependency. I also want it to be possible for one to be using a different version of the EJB without impacting the other.

      Is this a common problem, and if so, how should I deal with it?


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          Frank LaRosa Newbie

          On closer inspection, it appears to be the data source names that are colliding rather than the EJB itself.

          Because the EJB asks for a particular data source by name, both projects have a data source with that name, although they point to different databases.

          The way I deploy my datasources XML file is by including it in a .SAR directory within the .EAR directory - I'm not completely sure what a .SAR is, but someone showed me how to do it this way years ago. Perhaps it's not the best way.