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    question about rich:tabpanel

    liumin hu Master

      hello everyone,

      i have a simple example with rich:tabpanel:

      <rich:tabPanel id="pagePatient" switchType="ajax">
      <my:Onglet onglet="#{DataTableDossierPatient}">
      some text
      <my:Onglet onglet="#{parameter}">
      <ui:include src="./a.xhtml">

      here is my:onglet:

      <c:if test="${not (empty onglet)}">
      <rich:tab label="#{onglet.libelle}" action="#{onglet.actionOnglet}" disabled="#{onglet.disable}" rendered="#{onglet.visible}">
      <ui:insert />

      this works when swich mode is client, it does not work when switch mode is ajax. i cant switch between tabs. just like some valide error.

      but when i replace <ui:include > with some text. it works too in mode ajax. i dont know it comes from facelet (i m new for it) or richface.

      any idea

      thanks in advance