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    Automatic reconnect to a database that has been disconnected

    Florent Gilain Newbie

      Hi all,

      Using JBoss latest stable version under RHEL3.

      My application connect to a MSSQL2000 database, and all is working ok.

      Now, if the JBoss server can't connect to the database for any reason, it doesn't connect again ever when the databse is up and running again.

      i need to go to :

      http://myserver/web-console/ and go to :
      SYSTEM / JMX MBeans / Jboss.jca / jboss.jca:service=ManagedConnectionPoolnname=MYNAMEOFDS

      and invoke "stop" then "start" action

      1) What should i do to force JBoss applications to try reconnect itself instead of waiting for me to reload this ?

      2) Is there a command line i could run to automate this (i need to stop an restart it at night after a database backup...) ?

      Sorry, i'm really really a beginner at JBoss...