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    Can jboss notify other web apps when deploy changed jar file

    Peter Zhang Newbie


      I'm now using JBoss3.2.2, i have a web app named "myweb.war" and some comon classes "common.jar". myweb.war will using common.jar classes, and common.jar will often changed.
      I deploy them to deploy directory, if common.jar not changed, myweb.war will work ok. but if common.jar changed, Jboss told me common.jar deployed ok, but in myweb.war, it works like before, that means myweb.jar not get message that common.jar changed. I know i can deploy myweb.war again to make the change but i don't want to deploy myweb.war often.
      Should i use Classloader to load classes in common.jar? if so, how to write?
      Can anybody help me? thanks in advance.

      Tnank you.
      Peter, China