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    Problem adding RichFaces to existing app.

    Mark Maslow Newbie

      I have a working application using JSF 1.2, Facelets and ajax4jsf. The following jar is in the lib directory:

      ajax4jsf.jar dated: 1/24/2007

      I attempted to add RichFaces by adding the following jars to the lib directory:


      After adding jars, the following code in an xhtml file:

      <td align="center">
       <h:outputLink value="pages/secure/choose-form-list.jsf">
       <f:param name="menu" value=""/>
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      generates the following error:
      XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location:
      http://localhost:8080/helen2/pages/secure/ind/search-ind.jsf Line Number 24, Column 82: <td align="center"><a href="pages/secure/choose-form.jsf?dataEntry=true&menu=">

      The before adding the new jars, the xhtml parsed without any problems.

      Any idea what the problem is now?