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    Updating JBoss4.0.3SP1 w/ Hibertnate 3.1

    Russ Newbie

      Okay......let me explain what I am trying to get accomplished.

      I am building an application using eclipse and myeclipse workbench. Currently I have to include all my jar files used in my Web project. This project includes all the libraries for Hibernate too. When it is all said and done, the war file is 9MB... I know..Woooow that's huge dude. This is my issue.

      What I need to do is rip out the current configuration for Hibernate and install all these archives on JBoss so I do not need to add them in my war file. Can someone point me in the right direction for changing my JBOSS configuration? I am looking for some nice documentation or tutorials for doing this type of action.

      Thanks in advance for reading my post.