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    Multihome Network - One Server

    David Hosier Novice

      Is it possible to have one server handle traffic from two network interfaces on the same machine? The problem is that we have two networks such that there is no route from clients on one network to the other network. I thought of trying to add a copy of the UIL2 configuration and hardcoding the original to use one network and the copy to use the other. However, that does not solve the problem of the rmi address. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          David Hosier Novice

          Ok, so we noticed that the services we need are bound to So I should be able to get this working by overriding the rmi address in the start script to return a hostname, and use /etc/hosts to route appropriately on the client side. However, we still have a problem with the UIL2. We are running JBoss 4.0.0, and I tried adding the ClientAddress attribute to accomplish the same thing I did with the rmi address. The WIKI page clearly states this attribute is available in 3.2.6+ and is deprecated in favor of ConnectAddress in 4.0.3+. Problem is that I get a deployment error saying the attribute does not exist. Is the WIKI page wrong?

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            David Hosier Novice

            Please disregard, I posted my response as a new question in the JBossMQ forum.