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    Communications between multiple EAR, under same JVM

    Alain St-Pierre Newbie

      We have a web site which share two J2EE applications (EARs). Each ear has only 1 war. The intent is to distribute our product in a modular fashion, meaning: to distribute an ear rapidly without any changes.

      But, the trick is that every ear/war need to share user session information and cached information. Also, every web page in the web apps will share the same menu.

      Here is an excerpt of my deployment structure:
      jboss-server/survey.ear (which has 1 survey.war)
      jboss-server/search.ear (which has 1 search.war)

      My question is:
      how can I share the same information between these 2 web apps efficiently? We considered remoting, but are not convinced of the performance impact!

      Alain St-Pierre