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    XML Entity Resolving

    Timo Schnölzer Newbie

      Hi all

      In my application i am using the apache commons resolver (the same as provided with JBOSS).
      I cinfigure it via a property file CatalogManager.properties (which is the default).

      Whereas it is working fine on other AppServers, I can't manage to gt it working with JBOSS. This is due to the fact that the CalatolgResolver (the CatalogManager to be exact) is not finding the above mentioned property file.

      The resolver api tells to put it in the CLASSPATH.

      Where do I need to place the file? I have tried numerous locations, especially the conf folder, but nothing seems to work.

      Does anybody have any experience with this?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thy in advance, Andre

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          Karen Lease Newbie

          I had a similar problem. I put the CatalogManager.properties file in my war file under WEB-INF/classes, but it still wasn't found.
          I fixed the problem by removing the resolver.jar from the jboss lib/endorsed directory. It seems this caused java (1.4 at least) to load it in the boot classpath so it doesn't see the classpath of your application.
          When it's not in endorsed, my application (a web service) works fine.

          I don't see why resolver.jar should be in endorsed anyway, since it is not included in the standard jdk, at least not in 1.4.
          Does anyone know the reason for this??