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    JBOSS  DOM4j XPATH  does it work ? need assistance

    dreu zel Novice

      I'm not an internal developer of JBOSS but have some applications that need DOM4j and XPATH QUERIES

      As far as I understand i need DOM4J.1.6.1 and JAXEN 1.1-beta-8
      I'm not in the above numbers but standalone my application seems to work.

      PLugging it in a EJB seems a pain in the ass
      Since DOM4j is in the libaries as DOM4j.JAR (unknown version)
      A/ DO I NEED TO REPLACE THE DOM4.JAR in jboss/lib???
      I understand I can not introduce jaxen there ???
      B/ As I deploy the DOM4J and Jaxen in deploy/ejb_deploy jBoss stops on undefined class
      or JBOSS/default/LIB ????

      Does anyone has a pprocedure (that works) to place DOM4J and JAXEN
      in an application and still have JBOSS to works ,allowing me to use XPATH