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    Book recommendation for Linux deployment?

    Frank LaRosa Newbie


      Can anyone recommend a good book or other reference material for installing and administering JBoss on Linux?

      I'm experienced as a programmer with J2EE and JBoss, but don't know a lot about Linux administration, including things like how to set up JBoss to run when the system boots, how to monitor it, send it different signals, maintain the logs, etc. (I'm somewhat familiar with Linux as a user, but this is my first time as an administrator).


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          joey watson Newbie

          Hi .

          I am using Linux as my Jboss running plat. So I don't think there have too many difference between Windows and Linux for Jboss. Don't forget Jboss is a Java program. :)

          1. you don't have to be a root to run you Jboss server.
          2. just copy Jboss to a folder. and change to /jboss/bin folder and execute run.sh script. your Jboss will begin working.
          3. If you want to monitor log. you can use "tail -f logname". to monitor log file. also you see same information in shell window after you execute run.sh (see 2.).

          I remenber in Jboss install readme describes how to install Jboss on Linux. or you can search by Google. for some detail.

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            Frank LaRosa Newbie

            Thanks for the note.

            I can start JBoss as you describe, but it seems rather primitive. Shouldn't it start up at boot time in the background, like a real system service?

            I know (vaguely) that I can probably edit some kind of startup file and add a command to it to start JBoss, but I figured there might be a more sophisticated way of doing system services on Linux these days.

            Maybe not, though.