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    War deployment order in EAR

    Bertrand Tignon Newbie

      Hello !

      I'm going through a migration from Websphere to JBoss.

      My EAR contains multiple wars : one is called startup.war and need to be deployed first, another is called endstartup.war and need to be called last.

      How can I configure this ?

      I tried first to use my own URLComparator (DeploymentSorter) but it seems that this sorter is not used for sorting the wars inside my ear.

      Then I saw that the deployment order is managed by the MainDeployer class using a private instance of DeploymentInfoComparator (http://www.cenqua.com/clover/eg/jboss/report/org/jboss/deployment/MainDeployer.html). There's no way to overload it.

      I'm lost, thank you for your help