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    Understanding CLASSPATH


      Can somebody please outline the CLASSPATH issues relating to JBoss?

      For example, what is the difference between the JBOSS_CLASSPATH set by JBoss's run.sh script, and the CLASSPATH environment variable? Is there any overlap, which one does JBoss use, etc...

      Also, run.sh appends JBOSS_CLASSPATH to JAVAC_JAR and JBOSS_BOOT_CLASSPATH. In what cases would a JBOSS_CLASSPATH already exist and to what would it point?

      Finally, for a given class within an archive (EAR, JAR, or WAR), what overarching "classpath" is used when searching for a .properties file or another class? And how does this "classpath" relate to and differ from the CLASSPATH and JBOSS_CLASSPATH described above?

      I'm quite confused, and would appreciate clarification. Thank you.