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    cant find org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory (Eclipse 3

    Holger Johanndeiter Newbie

      I wrote a very simple stateless session bean to test the IDE.
      It only has 1 business method and i followed the steps in the java boss IDE tutorial to set up the jndi-name etc and it deploys fine.

      Then i wrote a simple client application in java, that is supposed to call that 1 method.
      But i get a problem with initializing the Naming Context. i took the method from the o'reilly book"Enterprise JavaBeans" 2002 edition.
      it works as follows

      public static Context getInititalContext() throws NamingException{
       Properties p = new Properties( );
       try {
       p.load(new java.io.FileInputStream("C:/jboss6/server/default/conf/jndi.properties"));
       } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
       // TODO Auto-generated catch block
       } catch (IOException e) {
       // TODO Auto-generated catch block
       return new InitialContext(p);

      but running the code i get

      javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Cannot instantiate class: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory [Root exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory ]
       at javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getInitialContext(Unknown Source)
       at javax.naming.InitialContext.getDefaultInitCtx(Unknown Source)
       at javax.naming.InitialContext.init(Unknown Source)
       at javax.naming.InitialContext.<init>(Unknown Source)
       at Client_1.getInitialContext(Client_1.java:48)

      Yes, jboss6\client\jnp-client.jar is in my classpath.

      any idea why else it wont find the class? im desperate :O