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    JSF + Portlets + A4JSF + RichFaces - Design and Architecure

    Bruno Arruda Newbie

      Hello ppl,

      I'm trying to figure out an Architecture and Design using those technologies. My goal is to make a rich application where there is no refresh at all. I thought on some strategies but i would like to know your opinion on that. My concerning is about big dependences between the components on my page rendering out another components without a central controller, it would become a spider web just like old swing applications. I thought on using facelets so i could manage the page contents easier, but I'm really stuck on the relation between a feature and the components that should be displayed. Another concern is how to document it to not depend on code analyzing to understand a functionality view/flow.

      Let me know if I made myself clear enough.

      Thanks in advance.
      Best Regards.