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    deployed war cannot find jar-files in /lib

    mathias Newbie


      I can't get my War to work...

      I have an 'exploded' war deployed in server/default/lib, called "test.war". I have web-inf with a web.xml. in the webapp root i have a test-jsp that tries to use some classes i want to be included in this app. Now here's the strange thing:

      If i put the classes in a normal package structure under /classes, the JSP can find it.

      But, if i jar my classes in a jar-file and put them in /lib instead, the JSP cannot find the classes anymore!

      Is there something i have forgotten? Shouldn't my WAR application's classloader just load all jars in /lib automagically?

      I am running 4.0 RC1 on linux.

      Really thankful for pointers!