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    JBoss 4.0.3SP1 Upgrade and Struts html:base problem

    Erwin Manuel Newbie

      I've upgraded our dev JBoss installation from 3.2.3 to 4.0.3SP1. One of the struts application is having a problem finding the CSS file, which is located in the jsp directory. It looks like the struts tag <html:base> is resolving differently between the 2 versions of JBoss.

      On the app's web.xml, the welcome file is listed as:

      The file logon.jsp has <html:base> within the html's head section. On JBoss 3.2.3, this expands to

      On 4.0.3SP1, this expands to

      Is there a way to make JBoss 4.0.3SP1 behave like ver. 3.2.3? I'd rather not have the developers change their WAR file.