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    Can JBoss AS run as non-root user in AIX?

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      I did some searches in the Forums and look at a bunch of threads in the IC&D Forum but I couldn't find the answer to the question. I have no problem
      running it as root but I want to do it as a non-root user. Does anyone know?

      My env:

      - AIX 5.3
      - JBoss 4.0.3 SP1[/img]

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          Anders Hedstrom Novice

          this sounds to me as a permission issue - does the user you are using to run JBoss with have write permissions in all needed directories? An easy way to fix this (if this is your problem) is to change the owner of the $JBOSS_HOME and all it sub directories

          if your user is named jboss, then you could issue this command.

          sudo chown -R jboss:jboss $JBOSS_HOME