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    Port conflicts in windowsXP

    Tommy Svensson Newbie

      The naming service kept failing when I started my JBoss server. The log indicated it was due to port 1098 already being used. My first tought was "I must have another JBoss process running!". I couldn't find one so I killed all my java processes to be sure. Port 1098 was still used by something!

      After running tcpview I saw that it was my firefox using port 1098!!! Looking at other dynamically allocated client ports they are all in the low 1090 - ~1990 range! So it is just pure luck that there hasn't been conflicts before.

      I'm normally a unix person. Unix/Linux usually allocate dynamic ports over 300000 (or something quite high anyhow). Is there any way to tell windows to rise its range ? Otherwise I will be lucky if there is no conflict every time I start JBoss! Or do I need to move JBoss up to use higher ports on Windows to decrease the risk of conflicts ?

      I'm running JBoss locally on a development machine along with lots of other stuff also using the net and allocating dynamic ports! Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      Best Regards,
      Tommy Svensson