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    can't run JBoos!!!!

    Amair Ahmed Newbie

      Hi There !

      I can't find /bin dir in JBoss4.0.3 installation directory to run the server by default using the command ./startup.sh. In the main installation directory I have stuff like given below:

      com info langpacks.info packs.info
      customData jboss-4.0.3-installer.jar META-INF panelsOrder
      GUIPrefs jboss-4.0.3-src net res
      images jboss-4.0.3-src.tar org templates
      img langpacks packs

      I searched it in jboss-4.0.3-src but I cant find it, plz someone help me out and also do specify me is it necessary to include .jar files of jboss in the class path.