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    Session lost on Jboss 3.2.7

    dsfqfdsqf sdfqsfqsdf Newbie

      Hello everyone

      I have a problem with an application deployed on Jboss.

      I use Jboss 3.2.7 and apache mod_proxy ( i need my user to type adresses like http://domain.com/application rather than http://domain.com:8080)

      I wrotte 2 lines in my httpd.conf :
      ProxyPass /application/ http://domain.com:8080/audit
      ProxyPassReverse /application/ http://domain.com:8080/audit

      Everything is working fine except that my sessions are lost when i navigate through the application.
      To sum up : When I access my application through 8080 port, i have no problem. But when i use ProxyPass, and access it through port 80, session are lost

      I searche for 2 days on Internet but found no satisfying solutions (i tried to use mod_rewrite or mod_jk without success)

      Any help will be appreciated !!

      Thanks !