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    Deployment problem(Hibernate)!

    Vadim Vohmjanin Newbie

      Hi. I have Jboss 4.0 and i have such a problem that if i deploy application that use hibernate it takes sooo long time... And i need to redeploy it many times since i am in development process.
      Mapping classes and resources takes forever:
      [org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] Mapping resource: blabla...
      [org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder] Mapping class: blabla...

      And i had no any problems before, but couple weeks ago i started having this problem. I think that this is Jboss problem, cuz i have been working on buisness logic for last two weeks and wasn't touching any hibernate mappings and configs and had no this problem before...
      What could be the problem?
      I would really appretiate any help!