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    "Failed to boot JBoss" jboss-4.0.4.CR2 run.sh "jboss-service

    WhyDoINeedTo RegistraterForDoc!! Newbie

      Hi. I have just installed jboss AS 4.0.4CR2 with the jar installer from the download page and I was not able to run the server because:

      /bin/run.sh results in:
      "Failed to boot JBoss:
      .../default/conf/jboss-service.xml could not be open..."

      In the installation process:
      -> I choose to name my configuration MyConf (not default)
      -> The installer tell that if you want to start the server with your configuration, you must use the -c option with run.sh

      So to run your server, just start:
      run.sh -c MyConf

      Hope that this will help you not to lose your time like me in the too big JBoss forum.