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    Deployment from a Restarted Nodes in a Cluster does not Hot

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      This is continuance to the

      Topic Post subject: Cluster Hot Deployment Problem
      Posted: Tue Apr 4, 2006 10:14 AM.

      I am currently using JBoss 4.0.2 and facing a problem with Cluster Hot Deployment with restarted nodes.

      I have only two nodes,say NODE-1 & NODE-2 in my Cluster.

      1.Intially,two nodes are running with EAR deployed on them.
      2.Suddenly,NODE-2 Crashes and is shutdown.
      3.Now,NODE-2 is restarted after sometime & when it starts,it gets hot deployed.

      Fine until now.....

      4.But when I undeploy EAR from NODE-2,NODE-1 also gets undeployed accordingly.
      5.So now when I redeploy the EAR from NODE-2,NODE-2 gets deployed but NODE-1 is not getting hot deployed.

      Note:But when I do Step 5 from NODE-1 and deploy EAR from NODE-1,it gets hot deployed accross NODE-2.

      Now Further to the Topic.....

      Instead of the Step 4,5 above,consider the following scenario.

      4.Now,Node 1 also crashes and recovers after some time.
      5.So both the nodes are now in a restarted state in Cluster.When I undeploy EAR from NODE-2 or NODE-1,both the nodes gets undeployed accordingly.
      6.But now when I redeploy from any of the restarted NODE-1 or NODE-2,it does not get hot deployed.I think that this is a critical path in a Production Environment.

      Looking for Help/Suggestions in this regard eagerly.