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    resin -> jboss migration, session issues

    Jonathan Tullett Newbie


      I'm in the process of evaluating JBoss with a view to switching our resin setup to a jboss setup within the next few weeks.

      I'm evaluating 4.0.4 RC2.

      For the most part the move has gone well - I've been fixing a few problems that we had in our webapp and integrating it with Apache (mod_jk is lovely!), but I'm now at a part where I'm stuck; I'm hoping someone can assist me.

      In our resin set-up, I have the following:

      This dictates that the resin cluster maintains state for a max of 12384 sessions, the timeout is 240 minutes, it uses cookies with an expiry set to 24 hours in advance and with a cookie domain of '.site.com'

      Ideally we'd like to be able to replicate this as much as possible within JBoss (apart from the session-max, I don't mind if that defaults to much higher).

      I've read that JBoss 4.0.4 supports the cookie domain setting, however I have the following in my jbossweb-tomcat55/server.xml:

      Yet the cookie is still set without the domain name:
      17:26:57,992 INFO [[localhost]] Header=Set-Cookie=JSESSIONID=FjYt0NY79k0dTYsHdSyEYQ**.crack; Path=/

      I also don't seem to be able to set a future expiry on the cookie (so it persists between browser sessions - this is vital to us).

      Can anyone assist with these issues? Everything else is working fine and things are very promising but I'm really stuck here (I've been searching google and reading the wiki etc for the last three days...)

      Thanks in advance,