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    Unable to access application from internet

    Shoaib Ahmad Newbie


      I deployed my application in jboss and it is running fine on local machine and on LAN. But it is not accessable from internet. (Jboss is not accessable outside the LAN)

      How i can access the application from internet? i checked all the ports and IP's, all are fine.


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          Roman Newbie

          You described a problem for the JBoss but really the problem is other I think,
          If you use LAN and LOCAL IP, JBoss is binded to LOCAL IP and ports and it's needed to set of rooter (if you use rooter with real IP) exact forwarding for some local IP and port to real IP of router and free port.
          If you use direct real IP it's possible your Internet provider to be configured for refusing of your chosen port and try with other.
          If you have proxy the problem maybe is in his configuration...
          Really there are a lot of possibilities...
          Good luck