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    HTTP Status 404 -  from web appliaction

    Max Newbie

      I would appreciate any assistance to resolve the following problem.

      I installed JBoss on a 2003 server using all the defaults and deployed a WAR file by copying it into the deploy directory.

      If I launch the browser from the server itself http://localhost:8080/MyApp the application comes up on the browser and I also see system.out on the console indicating activity for the app.

      This is not the case when I launch the browser using the IP or the server name. I see console activity but I get "HTTP Status 404" from the tomcat server.

      By the way I can get to the JMX console using localhost, IP or server name.

      Obviously I missed something in the installation or deploying of the WAR file, could anyone point me in the right direction.

      Thanks in advance