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    Jboss not recognizing the mysql driver

    Vilpesh T Mistry Newbie

      Hi all,
      Well iam developing an application using EJb,JBoss and mysql.
      Jboss version is jboss-4.0.3
      mysql driver used is mysql-connector-java-3.1.2
      I extracted & have copied the mysql-connector-java jar file in the folder
      server/default/lib of jboss.

      I have restarted my jboss server after copying the jar file.After invoking http://localhost:8080/jmx-console--- i have clicked on the link
      "name=Default,Service=LoaderRepository" on the JImplementation domain.
      On the Page displayed,now i have typed "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver" under the ParamValue column of displayClassInfo() and clicked on Invoke button.
      This displays
      "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver Information
      Not Loaded in Repository Cache

      ### Instance 0 found in UCL org.jboss.mx.Loading.UnifiedClassLoader...."

      With repeated restarts of jboss i get the same result.

      Now with above resut displayed i understand that jboss is not loading the driver class.
      1>Does it mean i wont be able to connect to mysql from jboss.

      What do i do...

      Thanks & Regards