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    Don't succeed to send SNMP traps

    Torsten Römer Newbie

      I would like to send server errors, in addition to being logged to server.log, via SNMP to our monitoring system.

      So I uncommented the TRAP_LOG appender, adapted the ManagementHost and also changed the LocalTrapSendPort to some unprivileged port as JBoss is running as ordinary user, and added the TRAP_LOG appender to the root category, below the CONSOLE and FILE appender-refs, but it never seems to send anything.

      I tried to do the same with the SMTP appender, this works perfectly fine.

      When i move the TRAP_LOG appender-ref so it is above the CONSOLE and FILE appender-refs in the root category setup, nothing is logged, not even to CONSOLE and FILE anymore.

      I also tried to uncomment the TRAP_LOG categories but like this also nothing is logged anymore.

      Does anyone have an idea what I am missing here?