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    Deploying application with 3rd Party Libraries

    Simon Joseph Aquilina Newbie


      This is the first time I am using JBoss on my own (that is I start a project from scratch rather then inherit it from someone else), and I am finding some things a little confusing.

      Basically my web application uses third party libraries, which I placed in my lib folder, which is placed in the WEB-INF folder. I war my application and deploy it. This however gives me an error that some libraries where not found. No problem, I remembered that in a previous project they told me that if I needed new libraries I had to place them in <JBoss Directory>/server/lib first. I did so and all went fine.

      However, now (being cuirass) I am asking why I need to this. Why do I need to paste all my libraries in the JBoss lib folder if all the libraries I need are already in my application WEB-INF/lib folder? These are not libraries that JBoss would need! So why do I have to do this process!

      Btw ? I do not just copy and paste the libraries inside the lib folder. This means that I do not have lib/*.jar but lib/*/*.jar. What I mean is that for example the library for Log4J can be found in lib/log4j/log4j-1.2.13.jar.

      Thanks and Regards,

      Ps: my application is working, but (as some of you already know) I hate be doing things wrong :$