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    Adding saxon jar to ear file



      I am using saxon8.jar within jboss. With jboss3.2.x I solved this by adding an entry to application.xml of the ear file.
      But this doesn't work with jboss 4.0.3 what I am using now. I learned (in this forum) that this is not the correct way to include a jar file. So I tried adding it to the manifest file of the jar which is using saxon:

      Class-Path: saxon8.jar


      Class-Path: . saxon8.jar

      But my application still doesn't use saxon. What am I doing wrong?
      What is the correct way to include such jars in my application?

      I also tried to put saxon8.jar into the endorsed directory of my java/jre/lib directory, but then jboss doesn't start because it doesn't recognize it's own configuration xml files.