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    Hot code replacement stops working until full JBoss restart

    Matthias Lanz Newbie


      in order to speed up the development with Tapestry I use JBoss exploded deployment:
      My eclipse project is structured like an unpacked EAR archive, containing my EJBs and the web (exploded war) project. In jboss-service.xml I added the project directory to the deployment scanner, so JBoss directly uses the classes/files generated by eclipse.

      This works very well, I can update my Tapestry .page/.html files without restarting anything (with disable-caching=true) and with eclipse's remote debugging I can even use the hot code replace feature.

      BUT, if I make a change that is not supported by hot code replacement (change the signature of a class, e.g.) I found no other way than restarting the whole JBoss to get the hot code replace to sync again.

      Redeploying (by touching the top level application.xml descriptor) does work - the changes do apply, but from then hot code replacement does not work again, until a full JBoss restart.

      Does anyone have a hint for me?

      Thank you,