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    multiple jbosses, keeps swapping databases

    Chris Bitmead Newbie

      I'm using the port-bindings.xml method to have two jbosses running on the same machine. Each jboss talks to a different oracle database and has a different database in its XXX-ds.xml. However both use the same datasource names.

      If I start jboss instance "A" it talks to database "X". But now if I start jboss instance "B" (which is supposed to talk to database "Y", and access jboss instance "A", now instance "A" is talking to database "Y".

      In other words, starting off the second jboss instance seems to make the first jboss instance swap databases.

      Now, both jboss instances' datasources are named the same thing, but I wouldn't have thought they ought to conflict, but apparently they are. Surely I don't have to have different datasource names do I? The datasource names are hard coded into the application.