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    HotDeploy/ReDeploy loses JDBC connection

    Monosij Dutta-Roy Newbie

      Working on JBOSS 401 in a development environment under Windows 2000/XP, jdk 142_05, SQL Server 2000.

      When making changes and redeploying the code JBOSS has to be restarted everytime as it generates an error when the db connection is requested - when users have to login again.

      Please note that when it is redeployed its restarts ok and users can get to the main page fine, it is only when logging in and the db connection is required that it just goes blank. Debugger also just 'loses' it and no error is displayed at the line and just stops - does not get to the ExceptionHandler. We are using the generic sql server jdbc driver.

      It is not creating any problem in the production env. however its time consuming to restart for developers everytime.

      This started happening recently -after 3 years of development cycles - and we do not know what may have caused it.

      Another issue around this that has started recently is that previously when we made JSP changes we could just copy the JSP to the /server/default/work/$app/jsp folder and when we reloaded the page the changes would appear.

      This is not happening either. So we have to redeploy and restart jboss everytime - even for JSP changes.

      Please let me know if you require any more specific details.