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    4.0.4-CR2 changes to installation procedures

    Kurt Olsen Newbie

      As far as I can tell, and contrary to some of the ejb3 documentation - the version of jboss obtained by extracting the zip file does not install the ejb3 code.

      If I use the graphical installer I can select a 'clustered ejb3' configuration - but how can I use it to install on a linux box without a console attached?

      If I revert to the 'extract the zip file' method of installation, then try to follow the ejb3 (rc6) installation instructions - I tend to get scared off because the ejb3 (rc6) installation instructions tell me NOT to do this and to instead use the 4.0.4 version....

      This is the first release that's broken a rather complex ant script I've used for about two years to install jboss and prep it for our production use.

      The graphical installer is nice, but non-standard (historically) - I'd appreciate it if the installation procedures could be examined again in light of these issues.

      Also, the jmx jndiView service from the jmx-console is complaining, and it hasn't done that in a long time - something about not being able to lookup a timedCache, and the HAJndi namespace is being displayed. I haven't had time to research this but I don't have the confidence factor I usually have with jboss releases - even release candidates have typically be very very good.