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    Why only with f:verbatim?

    Tamas Morocz Newbie


      My problem is that I do not know whether is it an error or is 'natural'
      that my JSF pages are rendered as I would like to see them only if I put "simple HTML" codes inside <f:verbatim> in some cases?

      I use JSF 1.1 RI, ajax4jsf-1.1.0, richfaces-3.0.0 (no Facelets, no Tomawk),
      webserver: Tomcat 5.5.23.

      Things work well,but when I write (a very simplified) code like this:

      <rich:panel >
      <h4 >Please login:</h4>
      <td >Name:</td><td align="left"><h:inputText value="#{mySessionBean.typedName}" /></td>

      then the <h4>and the table is visible on the HTML page in the browser,but without the JSF components, containing only the text "Name:" . The JSF components are below the html table:
      the "rich panel" (which is light green because I use emeraldTown skin) and inside the panel is located the inputText (input box).

      When use f:verbatim to "protect" html codes then the page is displayed as I expect.

      I would like to know that whether this is a reasonable behaviour regarding the framework versions I use? Is the f:verbatim is the only way to construct pages like this in my environment?
      If I would like to write more nice JSF pages then should I install JSF 1.2 and Facelets?

      Any way I experienced the same with a4j:outputPanel.

      I have another (old) project where i use JSF 1.1+Tiles and "because of the subviews" we have to use verbatim-s, it is OK ,but in this new simple project I do not use Tiles so I would be sad to be forced to use verbatim-s..

      Thank you in advance,