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    problem with mod_jk2

    Brian McGuinty Newbie

      I'm having trouble getting my Apache (2.0.54) web server running on port 80 to communicate with my JBoss (3.2.3) server which runs Tomcat 4.1

      This is my jk2.properties file
      #shared memory directive
      # Set the desired handler list
      # If set to inprocess the mod_jk2 will Register natives itself
      # This will enable the starting of the Tomcat from mod_jk2


      I have made no other modifications to the JBoss deployment configs.

      These are my configs on the apache side; jk2.conf:

      # JK2 is the Apache/Tomcat connector
      LoadModule jk2_module modules/mod_jk2.so
      JkSet config.file /etc/httpd/conf/workers2.properties

      This is my worker2.properties conf
      info=Scoreboard. Requried for reconfiguration and status with multiprocess servers.


      # Defines a load balancer named lb. Use even if you only have one machine.

      # Example socket channel, override port and host.

      # define the worker

      # Map the Tomcat examples webapp to the Web server uri space
      info=The Greyhound /wf handler

      info=Status worker, displays runtime information

      info=The Tomcat /jkstatus handler

      This is the error that I'm gertting from my Apache Error log
      [notice] channelApr.open(): create tcp socket 163164864
      [error] channelApr.open() attempt to connect to ( failed 13
      [error] ajp13.connect() failed ajp13:
      [error] ajp13.service() failed to connect endpoint errno=9 Bad file descriptor
      [error] ajp13.service() Error forwarding ajp13: 1 1
      [notice] ajp13.done() close endpoint ajp13: error_state 1
      [error] lb.service() worker failed 120000 for ajp13:
      [notice] lb.getWorker() All workers in error state, use the one with oldest error
      [notice] lb.getWorker() We tried all possible workers 1
      [error] lb_worker.service() all workers in error or disabled state
      [error] mod_jk2.handler() Error connecting to tomcat 120000, status 503

      Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I've been fighting with this for days.