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    Host/Port configuration for redirects/posts

    sumersoft sumersoft Newbie

      Im trying to use Apache to redirect connections to correct jboss/tomcat portal. Im using mod_rewrite and mod_proxy to mask the url from clients, this is working fine. But when jboss does any post/redirects, it creates a url with his own url:port. I want to manage so It uses a url:port that I say.

      Example, my apache is the frontdoor on: myapache:80/{URI}
      everything that gets here, I redirect to: myjboss:8080/{URI} making the address, so the client will see myapache:80/{URI} on his address bar, but after any post, jboss redirects it to myjboss:8080/{otherURI} .. here this wont work by policy rules. I REALLY need that jboss obey my orders on which HOST:PORT to use on his posts.

      Please, any help is very welcome.