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    continuous redeployment of war file

    maurice saliba Newbie

      I am presently working on a project which needs dynamic addition of files to the web application. The web application streams video. I use JBuilder2005 which automatically deploys the application on JBoss by changing the deployment descriptors as needed.

      When deploying I see that the war file includes a static number of files and in order to change that number of files (example: add new files), until now, I have to add new files into the JBuilder project directory and then redeploy the application in order that the files become part of the application file system. I have another exe running in parallel which writes in the video folder.

      Is there a way how can I write files in the folder to be included into the war file such that my web application can access new files on a real time basis? i.e. in other words a type of automatic redeployment each time new files are added to the application or at least repeated automatic redeployment after a certain amount of time?

      I would greatly appreciate help cos i am in a huge problem.