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    Library Deployment in Ear

    William Conroy Newbie

      I have been reading the EE 5 spec and from what i understand, you should be able to create a lib directory within an ear and all of your ejbs can use jars in the lib directory without needing to add them to the classpath in the manifest of my ejb3 jars.

      I tried doing that and i get many class not found exceptions for classes in jars in my lib directory. Does jboss not support this?

      I pulled this from the spec, section 8.2.2.

      "2.A .ear file may contain a directory that contains libraries packaged in JAR files. The library-directory element of the .ear file?s deployment descriptor contains the name of this directory. If a library-directory element isn?t specified,
      or if the .ear file does not contain a deployment descriptor, the directory named lib is used. An empty library-directory element may be used to specify
      that there is no library directory.
      All files in this directory (but not subdirectories) with a .jar extension must be made available to all components packaged in the EAR file, including application clients. These libraries may reference other libraries, either bundled
      with the application or installed separately, using any of the techniques described herein."