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    ERRORLEVEL 10 causes restarts

    Hugo Lago Newbie

      Question for Jboss users:
      We have Jboss running an application that uses Hibernate. Every so often under load the app server restarts automaticly. We have determined that this is due to the following line in the end of the jboss Run.bat:

      It appears that Jboss almost expects errors with a level of 10, and that the most suitable course is to restart the app server at this time. We are getting no logging either on the consol or in log4j with everything set to DEBUG to indicate the cause of the errors. There is no stack trace prior to the restart, and no common section of normal logging prior to the restart.

      Has anyone else experienced these restarts due to errorlevel 10?
      Does anyone know why Jboss includes this restart loop? were they expecting this to occur? if so why?

      Many thanks in advance for your comments