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    How to expose WSDL in JBoss

    Philippe Larouche Newbie

      Hi, I would like to know how to expose a WSDL defining a web service in JBoss 4.0.4. In previous version, when we deployed the web service, there was an URL that we can call to have the WSDL (for example: localhost:8080/hello/HelloService?wsdl).

      In Jboss 4.0.4, I see a WSDL file created and deployed in /data/wsdl/myName.war/ but I can't retrieve it from a URL just like before. Is there a configuration to change, is it a tweaked link that I must call and I can't find it? I read the JBossWS User Guide to find out how WS were deployed, but nothing on WSDL, they always take for granted that the WSDL is written first.

      Thx for help!