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    2 configs clobbering each other?  version 4.0.1

    Marsha Petry Newbie

      Taking a wild chance that someone recognizes this problem...

      I have 2 war (struts/jsp/java/jdbc-DB2) apps that run fine separately (i.e. for either one, if I take the other out then the app runs OK) but if I install them both, then one application gets a XXXActionServlet not found exception in the server log on startup. This app runs fine if I take the other app out of JBoss.

      I also get a messages in the log "Multiple class loaders found for pkg: org.apache... " (lists a bunch of apache files.)

      "Marking servlet XXXActionServlet unavailable..."

      Both apps have the apache jars in their war file. From these messages, is it possible that loading the jars from both wars is somehow clobbering each other?

      This problem does not occur on 4.0.1SP1, however, I do not have the option of upgrading to SP1... I gotta use 4.0.1.

      Does anyone know if this is a 4.0.1 bug? Or is there a config something I need to do to run 2 very similar apps and have them go to their own libs & configs?