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    blue screen

    dudududu Novice

      hi ,
      I just download Jboss 4.0.4 using the installer and tried to run it using run.bat

      I'm getting after few sec a blue screen and then the pc restarted

      i've 1.5 GB of memory...and my pc working great....it's a laptop..

      i can see it found the JDK (1.5...)

      please help


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          Franky D Newbie

          same here, my particular blue screen of death output says:


          among a bunch of other stuff that doesn't stay on the screen long enough for me to read. anyone else have similar problems and/or find the solution?


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            Peter Johnson Master

            I think that your JVM installation might be corrupt, or one of the Windows system files might be corrupt (image what would happen with a bad winsock.dll). Try re-installing the JVM. Go to the Windows Update site and make sure you have all of the patches (that might fix a corrupted file).

            Some other things you could do:

            1) Will any Java applications run, such as Tomcat? If so, get listdlls from sysinternals (http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/ListDlls.html), run the Java application and while it is still running at a command prompt enter "listdlls java" and post the results. Listdlls will provide the dlls loaded for the JVM, if there is anything listed other than the DLLs that came with the JVM or the standard Windows system DLLs, be very suspicious.

            2) Try different versions of the JVM. If a 1.5.0_04 JVM blew up, try installing and using 1.4.2_11, and vice-versa.

            3) Do you have Visual Studio? If so, try running the java.exe within Visual Studio (listdlls will give you the full java.exe command line) and see if Visual Studio notices anything (it will also tell you which dlls are loaded, but I don't recall if it tells you the full path).

            4) Look at the system dump file created from the BSOD and see if there is anything interesting. Mainly what you are looking for is which DLL was executing when the BSOD happened.

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              Magnus Kastberg Newbie


              I have the same problem with a blue screen when running run.bat. I can see that it says BAD_POOL_HEADER in the beginning of the output.
              I have tried different versions of JBoss (both 4.0.4.GA and 4.0.5.GA) as well as different JVM versions (both the latest Java 6 as well as 1.5.0_10).
              The same blue screen appears every time I try to start the appserver.

              Have you guys solved the problem?


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                Peter Johnson Master

                Googling 'bsod bad_pool_header' turned up several articles with suggested solutions.


                Sounds like a driver gone bad.