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    Internet Explorer does not connect JBoss when Apache is up

    Avelino Herrera Newbie

      Hi, all.
      I have this configuration in my office:

      internet <-----> ISP machine with Apache listening at 80 and 443 <------- redirect 8080 and 8443 with iptables at ISP machine to machine "B" ------> machine "B" with JBoss listening at 8080 and 8443.

      Al the system runs ok using 8080 and 8443 port with both IE and Firefox clients as long as ISP's Apache have the SSL disabled, but when I enable https (443) service at ISP's Apache, the IE https requests over 8443 does not run ok: the IE outputs a "Page Cannot be Displayed" error message :-(, it seems that the https requests does not reach the JBoss at machine "B". But the Firefox requests the pages and runs them ok! I have been reading and testing all the Apache configuration at ISP machine but the ISP machine is NOT listening at port 8443 ("netstat -a" requests no listening processes at port 8443) only redirecting it throw iptables to machine "B". It is a bit strange that with Firefox browser at client side all the system runs ok!! :-(
      Help, please, sorry about my horrible english writing and thanks in advance.

      Avelino Herrera Morales