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    Win2k3, one eth adapter, multiple IP alias's assigned...help

    Jay Glass Novice

      was wondering if anyone could help...

      I have two instances of JBoss Application Server, at the moment, only one is set to run, the JBAS is actually running a JBoss Mail server instance

      I have 1 NIC, with ten IP addresses assigned to it.

      Even though I start up JBoss application server using run.bat -b

      and it is listening on the correct IP( and ports, when it connects to an outside server, i.e. on the internet it actually connects using the ip address of

      this is on a windows 2003 server box with RAS turned off

      in the routing table, there is only one interface listed, as stated, I am only using one interface, though there are 10 ip's bound to it

      the one interface in route table , shows it's IP address as

      is routing causing the issue? or does jboss server, listen on whatever port and IP you tell it too, but communicate to other servers grabbing whatever IP address it can?

      i have searched, all the config files, and can find no mention of, nor of localhost, or

      any help, and insight would be greatly appreciated