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    UnknownHostException - specific to OSX

    Chris Bitmead Newbie

      I've got a little network set up here with a Win 2003 server, some windows and Mac clients. This is just a test network and doesn't have any DNS server or any host names. So I use IP addresses in the JNDI addresses.

      Anyway, Windows clients work fine, but on Mac OSX it comes up with UnknownHostException: pcl0002557

      pcl0002557 is the windows name of our Win 2003 server running JBoss. The thing is, this network doesn't have any DNS and isn't connected to the internet or any wider network. I havn't even told the Mac where to find a DNS server.

      So how the Mac even knows about the name "pcl0002557" is a mystery to me, because all I did was tell it to talk to Anyway, this error occurs in jboss.naming.interceptors.ExceptionInterceptor.invoke which is called way down from org.jnp.InitialContext.lookup when I'm trying to look up an EJB.

      Any ideas? How would it know the host name, and why would it be using it anyway when I've only told it the IP address?