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    JBoss Seam/EJB/Eclipse Problem

    Roberto Rivera Newbie

      Well, I'll start off by saying Im relativelly new to the whole Seam/JSF/EJB bussiness. This is very likely my mistake but I dont know what else to do.

      I work with a small research group at college. My partner and I are developing an application and decided to try out EJB/Seam. He setup the project on his system (it is currently working for him) and uploaded it to our CVS. I downloaded it and havent been able to get it to work.

      When Im lucky, the project is deployed to the server and it runs up to a point where Seam is used and crash. When Im unlucky, it will not even compile. It's pretty weird, and I've deleted the project + downloaded from CVS more than 10 times this week.

      The current problem Im facing is the following:
      The library called "JBoss EJB3 Libraries" has "[error]" next to it. It doesnt display any more info so that I can correct the problem.

      Additionally, Im getting the following error: "The import javax.ejb.Interceptors cannot be resolved"

      I assume the compile error is related to the Library error.

      I attached a picture of our library/directory structure.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated,